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the blog on my love, i very happy today - Page 2

  • Giovanni Fattori paintings

    Buoi al carro.jpg

    Buoi al carro

    Mounted Shepherd with Cows.jpg

    Mounted Shepherd with Cows

    In vedetta also known as Il muro bianco).jpg

    In vedetta (also known as Il muro bianco)

    Portrait of the Artists Stepdaughter.jpg

    Portrait of the Artist's Stepdaughter

    Lady with a Fan.jpg

    Lady with a Fan

    Prince Amadeo Feritio at Custoza.jpg

    Prince Amadeo Feritio at Custoza

    Farmer with Collapsed Horse.jpg

    Farmer with Collapsed Horse

    Self Portrait.jpg

    Self Portrait

    The Campaign against Brigands.jpg

    The Campaign against Brigands

    Wooded Beach.jpg

    Wooded Beach

    Soldati in marcia.jpg

    Soldati in marcia


  • Jan Vermeer van Haarlem art

    A Panoramic View of Noordwijk.jpg

    A Panoramic View of Noordwijk

    Travellers on a Sandy Road.jpg

    Travellers on a Sandy Road

    Landscape with Windmill.jpg

    Landscape with Windmill