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the blog on my love, i very happy today - Page 2

  • Pierre Reymond paintings



    The Seven Sorrows of Mary.jpg

    The Seven Sorrows of Mary

    The Flagellation plaque).jpg

    The Flagellation (plaque)

    Christ Washing the Feet of Peter plaque).jpg

    Christ Washing the Feet of Peter (plaque)

    Plaque with Ganymede.jpg

    Plaque with Ganymede

    Christ Crowned with Thorns plaque).jpg

    Christ Crowned with Thorns (plaque)

    The Resurrection plaque).jpg

    The Resurrection (plaque)


  • Edmund Blair Leighton

    Edmund Blair Leighton (1852-1922)

    Important British Victorian artist

    Many of Leiden's works became famous paintings in the world

    He left a lively Middle Ages for people

    Especially his exquisite knight's work can be recognized as a famous boutique in the world


    Witness My Act and Seal_52820.jpg

    Witness My Act and Seal








    A Favour_52819.jpg

    A Favour

    The Accolade_52859.jpg

    Edmund Blair Leighton The Accolade

  • Hannah Brown Skeele

    Still LIfe with Strawberries.jpg

    Still LIfe with Strawberries

    Fruit Piece.jpg

    Fruit Piece

    Prize Catch.jpg

    Prize Catch