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  • Scott Gustafson Art

    Illustrations for fairy tales - this is the first fine art that the baby encounters. And it is very important that they are really very beautiful and informative. After all, the imagination is not yet fully developed for the little man, and the child visualizes the contents of a beautiful fairy tale through illustrations. That is why they should be colorful and just very beautiful.

    American artist Scott Gustafson Art studied as an animator, but when he mastered this profession, he suddenly realized that he wanted to become an illustrator.


    WIZARD OF OZ RM_29447.jpg

    TOM THUMB_29444.jpg



    OLD KING COLE_29440.jpg

    Scott Gustafson LITTLE BO PEEP

  • Serodine Giovanni art

    Santa Margarita resucita a un muchacho.jpg

    Santa Margarita resucita a un muchacho

    Gesu e il tributo della moneta.jpg

    Gesu e il tributo della moneta