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  • Sophie Anderson art

    A young girl with a garland of flowers in her hair.jpg

    A young girl with a garland of flowers in her hair

    A New Friend.jpg

    A New Friend

    The Birds Nest.jpg

    The Bird's Nest

    The Song of the Lark.jpg

    The Song of the Lark



    Study of Hawthorn Blossom Capri.jpg

    Study of Hawthorn Blossom, Capri

    A girl reclining.jpg

    A girl reclining

    A Greek Girl.jpg

    A Greek Girl

    Fishermens Children Capri.jpg

    Fishermen's Children, Capri

    The Song of the Nightingale.jpg

    The Song of the Nightingale

    Autumn Princess.jpg

    Autumn Princess


  • Abbott Handerson Thayer

    Autumn Landscape.jpg

    Autumn Landscape

    Mount Monadnock.jpg

    Mount Monadnock

    Pensive Model.jpg

    Pensive Model

    Self portrait.jpg

    Self portrait

    William Michael Spartali Stillman.jpg

    William Michael Spartali Stillman

    Jessie Jay Burge.jpg

    Jessie Jay Burge

    Male Wood Duck in a Forest Pool.jpg

    Male Wood Duck in a Forest Pool

    Profile Alice Rich.jpg

    Profile, Alice Rich

    White Flamingoes.jpg

    White Flamingoes,

    Winter Monadnock.jpg

    Winter, Monadnock

    Angel Seated on a Rock.jpg

    Angel Seated on a Rock



    Winter Blush

    Winter Blush


    Tranquil Invitation

    Tranquil Invitation

    Stolen Moment

    Stolen Moment

    Scarlet Masquerade

    Scarlet Masquerade

    Leap of Faith

    Leap of Faith


    Artist Ford Smith grew up in a small Japanese village where he lived with his parents. As a very young child, Ford began to be interested in fine art and took lessons from a local Japanese artist, watching a lot of his work.
    Ford was also interested in photography, and it was she who did it professionally, becoming a rather famous photographer. And only after many years, already living in America and being a fifty-year-old man, Ford sold his entire business related to photography and completely switched to painting, thus returning to his real passion - to paint colorful landscapes in his rich impressionistic style.


    Ford Smith > Ford Smiith Life Goes On