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Benedetto Marcello. 12 Сoncerti grossi

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Benedetto Marcello. 12 Сoncerti grossi

MARCHELLO Benedetto (1686, Venice - 1739, Brescia). Italian composer, poet, music writer, lawyer, politician. Belonged to the noble Venetian family, was one of Italy's most educated people. For many years he occupied important public posts (member of the Council of forty - the highest judicial body of the Venetian Republic, the military intendant in the city of Pola, the papal chamberlain). At the same time, he was always attracted by music. The music education was given under the direction of Francesco Gasparini and Antonio Lotti. Already in his youth Marcello was considered one of the best composers of Venice.
His name is the Venice Conservatory. And although he modestly considered himself an amateur musician, his contemporaries highly valued the musical talent of Marcello, calling him "the prince of music."
Marcello owns over 170 cantatas, operas, oratorios, masses, concerti grossi, sonatas, etc. Among the vast musical heritage of Marcello stands out "Poetically Harmonic Inspiration" - 50 psalms, 12 of which are synagogue tunes.
From the literary works of Marcello the pamphlet "Friendship letters" (published anonymously), directed against one of the Michael Cheval art for sale

works of A. Lotti, became known. Marcello is known and as the author of the famous satirical composition "Fashion Theater" published in 1720 (without the author's instructions), directed against the numerous conventions of the Italian opera of that time. In this book, Marcello wrote that the opera music was bad, and the drama was just pathetic. Marcello - the author of sonnets, poems, interludes, many of which became the basis of musical works of other composers.

Brother Marcello - Alessandro Marcello (circa 1684, Venice - circa 1750, ibid.) - composer, philosopher, mathematician. The author of 12 cantatas, as well as concerts, 12 sonatas (published his works under the pseudonym Eterio Stinfaliko).

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