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Woman and coffee Konstantin Razumov

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Woman and coffee Konstantin Razumov

Woman and coffee are two dreams .....

Woman and coffee are so similar,
Such a delicate fragrance,
Passion burning on the skin,
From the lips tore off the morning alarm ...

How many secrets are hidden in this thick,
To drink a drink to the end,
As well as a woman is inherent,
Books unread wreath ..

On his lips a bitter aftertaste,
With a chocolate taste, an elixir,
Woman and coffee is Yoshitomo Nara art paintings for sale

a skill; ....
For a man recognized an idol.

Light smoke flowing from the coffee,
A gentle sigh of female beauty,
And love with every breath of her ;,
Woman and coffee are two dreams ....

© Copyright: Lena Gershman, 2013

Konstantin Razumov was born in 1974 in Zarinsk ...

After graduation, Razumov studied at the Novoaltaisk Art School, then entered the Faculty of History of Painting at the Academy of Ilya Glazunov in Moscow. Now the artist lives and works in the Russian capital.

Konstantin Razumov is a versatile artist. From his brush came a variety of works from landscapes to portraits, but certainly his favorite genre is - beautiful women.

The works of Konstantin Razumov are exhibited in the largest galleries of the world. His canvases adorn the museum collections of Moscow, Paris, London and New York. Like hot pies they scatter from the world auctions - now connoisseurs are ready to pay $ 3,000 to $ 15,000 for his works. (Here)

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