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The film "Late Love"

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The film "Late Love"

Genre: Romance
Release date: 2012
Country Russia

The worker of the sewing workshop Lida and her husband Anton are an exemplary family. They have been together for twenty years, raise the grown-up daughter Sonya and lead a measured, cal Peter Fromme-Douglas paintings for sale

m, "right" life. But all this settled world suddenly collapses, when Anton, on a business trip to Moscow, meets his institute friend Tanya, the capital's beauty and a business lady. Seeing the animated images of glossy happiness, Anton understands with bitterness that his only life passes by and if he does not change it now, he will never change ...

Director: Sergey Aleshechkin
Cast: Evgenia Dmitrieva, Andrey Egorov, Alyona Konstantinova, Natalya Gudkova, Nikolay Tokarev, Julia Agafonova, Maxim Glotov, Elena Lotova, Natalia Barilo, Olga Dolinina

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