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The film "Strong marriage"

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The film "Strong marriage"

Original title: Str Martin Beaupré art

ong marriage
Genre: Lyrical melodrama
Release date: 2012
Country Russia

Having married her 20-year-old daughter, the spouses Alex and Marina suddenly realize that the last checkbox is put in the vital register: the apartment is there, the business is functioning, the child is attached. It would seem that you can already live for yourself, but then the husband and wife quarrel, and then conclude a bet: the one who first gets caught in adultery or is asked to go back to the family, loses both business and apartment. In the beginning of the war, everything goes on - even the instruction to seduce your own husband, whom the spouse slyly gives to the secretary of his faithful. Will the husband resist such an attack? ..

Director: Leonid Mazor
Script writers: Mikhail Marfin, Leonid Mazor
Operator: Rostislav Pirumov
Composer: Yakov Peradze
Artist: Alexander Arefiev

Cast: Julia Menshova, Kamil Larin, Natalia Nozdryna, Andrey Mezhulis, Irina Byakova, Pavel Vorozhtsov, Yana Anosova, Maxim Turantsev, Anna Skidanova


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