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Asako Eguchi From the life of the angels.


Do you hear music? The angel plays the flute.
The night was shattered by a lot of starry hours.
Melody melts, the world fills with tenderness,
The world of living fairy tales and bright poems.

Tenderness surrounds the enchanted eye.
A soft carpet spreads children's dreams.
In Angel's music a subtle elegant pattern
The light and the smile of the Moon are intertwined.

Faces are intertwined, love and loss,
Someone's recognition and someone's quietened pain.
In the music of the Angel - stars, and birds, and beasts,
The Kingdom of Heaven, the life of the earthly vale.

With the music of the Angel Tenderness over us will curl,
Flushing down the spring washing away sorrow and sins.
The song is born, and souls are revealed,
Combining melody, light and poems ...

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