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Richard Savoie on Russian winter in Canada

Among all the Canadian artists writing in the pastel technique, Richard Savoie is the best. This prize-winning place is determined by a number of achievements.

First, a unique color composition - a combination of warm, light orange and muted-red shades to convey the coldest landscape in the world - a snowy, Canadian winter. It only seems impossible. It is worth imagining the urban landscape of a living city, the light of which merges so organically with the snow, as everything around itself will turn orange.




Secondly, he filigreely accurately conveys small and very small details. On a man you can see a scarf, a pattern of his mating, and on the window a curtain drawing. For any artistic material, it is not easy to master such accuracy, and in the pastel to Richard Savoy was generally unattainable. Well, we can safely say that this artist has changed the world of contemporary art.


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And, thirdly, and this is the most interesting aspect. And to Canada, he has nothing to do, and hardly influences the assessment of Savoy's works by Western connoisseurs of painting. There is an interesting effect of personal perception. Consider his work, see the inscriptions in French, admire the abundance of light - hundreds of lanterns are burning all around, all the windows, all the windows - literally sparkle. And suddenly you begin to feel that this is Moscow. Not just Russia - but the capital of our homeland, in the midst of the traditional snowy winter. Where does this feeling come from? It's impossible to understand.

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