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Annibale Carracci Venus and Adonis Classic oil painting

1. Pigments are hard to wash. The
2. Wash the paint when the hand was frozen to lose consciousness
The paint on the brush is so hard to wash all my pen is colorful
4. If it is easy to concentrate on the painting regardless of the details of the children please stand up to draw your clothes on a variety of places will rub on the color Like Mine
5. why not dry
6. why not dry
7. why not dry (before used to draw with a tablet to color, while the oil painting a week or two can not do the color, so)

Well, sophomore time and oil to grab the school with the elective course. A total of dozens of students a teacher so self-study it
My first work is this, copy the online to find one (forgive me do not know what the author and the title is what
It is worth mentioning that once I put the drawing board out of the grid when the hand trembling, painting directly hit me
Yes, the paint is on its own
Fortunately, school uniforms, the kind of navy blue raincoats like ugly school uniforms. So far is covered with blue and gray what, but also too lazy to wash, no longer wear
Someone to see this answer, then I went to find out a photo. The


Annibale Carracci Venus and Adonis Classic oil painting reproduction


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