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the blog on my love, i very happy today

  • Incluso un gran músico, sentado al piano, que no está afinado ...



    Incluso un gran músico,
    Sentado al piano, que no está personalizado
    Él no mostrará su talento -
    En la batalla, ¡ya no es un "guerrero"!

    Antes de un salto responsable,
    De pie en el borde del acantilado -
    CONFIGURACIÓN, aleta oscilante -
    ¡El vuelo saldrá hermoso!

    Y recuerda el violín de Paganini,
    Jugado en la misma cuerda
    Desde entonces, nadie ha sido capaz, hasta ahora

    CONFIGURANDO, escuchamos a Bach -
    El espíritu orgánico dentro de los sonidos,
    No hay límite para su alcance
    ¡Y el sonido, DISEÑADO, vuela!

    CONFIGURACIÓN - ¡hay nuestro estado de ánimo!
    No hagas cosas útiles
    Incluso si hay una habilidad,
    ¿Hay una salida? O el límite?

    Cómo es mucho y tan poco -
    ¡Ten un SET en tu alma!
    Ya he dicho mucho,
    Así que no te preocupes, ya!


    venta de pinturas
      Galina Demina

  • Asako Eguchi From the life of the angels.


    Do you hear music? The angel plays the flute.
    The night was shattered by a lot of starry hours.
    Melody melts, the world fills with tenderness,
    The world of living fairy tales and bright poems.

    Tenderness surrounds the enchanted eye.
    A soft carpet spreads children's dreams.
    In Angel's music a subtle elegant pattern
    The light and the smile of the Moon are intertwined.

    Faces are intertwined, love and loss,
    Someone's recognition and someone's quietened pain.
    In the music of the Angel - stars, and birds, and beasts,
    The Kingdom of Heaven, the life of the earthly vale.

    With the music of the Angel Tenderness over us will curl,
    Flushing down the spring washing away sorrow and sins.
    The song is born, and souls are revealed,
    Combining melody, light and poems ...

    Alla Ryzhenko







    Vladimir Kush Black Horse



    Paul Cezanne In the Valley of the Oise


  • Yves Boussin. I'll give you an outfit ...


    I'll give you the outfit
    He extends his hands to Nayyar
    Anyone like this will be happy
    Sparkling jasper and smaragds

    The wondrous patterns on it
    It burns with golden fire
    Sparkle shines like a hail
    On the sleeves - completely adamant

    On the top of the yakhontovite ligature
    I light up the scarlet light
    And like a lace lay
    Burmitsk grain flashes

    Blue Augustus is at the bottom
    Magic light he beckons
    And Zl-Toch Kr and lapis lazuli,
    And the gate is embroidered with turquoise.

    Dariana Good







    Pino art for sale

    Yves Boursin is a French artist.
    Since he lives in the south of France, the artist loved to paint old Provencal dresses of the nineteenth century, and then he also began to write men's costumes of past centuries 17-18 centuries, the clothes of bullfighters.

    In order not to be - clothes of men or women, Yves Boussin always tries to think of the details, fabrics, materials, colors, objects.
    In his paintings, there are velvet, beads, silk, and lace.
    In the summer, when the sun is warming and holidays are in Arles, ladies wear such clothes on this occasion, which often remains to them from their grandmothers.
    These costumes are complemented by various accessories, in the course are chains, necklaces, jewelry, lace gloves, shawls.

    The artist in his works makes an emphasis on fragmentation, he depicts figures without a face and body so that there is no unnecessary, disturbing history or poses so that the viewer's eyes focus only on color and shape so that only the accuracy of the details matters.
    Pastel velvety - the main background in the paintings of Yves Boussin, on which vivid colors of details are highlighted, which adds to the works of charm.