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  • Annibale Carracci Venus and Adonis Classic oil painting

    1. Pigments are hard to wash. The
    2. Wash the paint when the hand was frozen to lose consciousness
    The paint on the brush is so hard to wash all my pen is colorful
    4. If it is easy to concentrate on the painting regardless of the details of the children please stand up to draw your clothes on a variety of places will rub on the color Like Mine
    5. why not dry
    6. why not dry
    7. why not dry (before used to draw with a tablet to color, while the oil painting a week or two can not do the color, so)

    Well, sophomore time and oil to grab the school with the elective course. A total of dozens of students a teacher so self-study it
    My first work is this, copy the online to find one (forgive me do not know what the author and the title is what
    It is worth mentioning that once I put the drawing board out of the grid when the hand trembling, painting directly hit me
    Yes, the paint is on its own
    Fortunately, school uniforms, the kind of navy blue raincoats like ugly school uniforms. So far is covered with blue and gray what, but also too lazy to wash, no longer wear
    Someone to see this answer, then I went to find out a photo. The


    Annibale Carracci Venus and Adonis Classic oil painting reproduction


  • Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night oil painting reproductions

    The first attempt, a few years ago, gave everyone a little confidence


    At that time, young and ignorant, the pen was not clean, because I was washing with water... Anyway, I haven't considered painting in a few years

    For 15 years in the second half and I came up with the idea of drawing oil painting at the beginning of 16 years dealing down did set out to do some research to understand the characteristics of the oil painting generally And then bought a harmonic agent such as medium Began to explore!

    I highly recommend that children who are self-taught in oil painting first try water-soluble oil paints as the name implies that they can be used to clean water with water and wash with water more quickly than normal oil paints


    After the failure of the potted plant, the second attempt was immediately shocked by the color and texture of the oil painting. It is really important to make the color of the skin color of the person's skin not ideal. I was overjoyed to be able to bring out such a skin tone

    I tried to paint the landscape again


    This is a picture that I've been painting on the Internet and many people have seen it and I think it's probably a very impressive Tuscan


    Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night oil painting reproductions
    A picture of a monet's water lilies painted one or two years ago and a comparison of propylene by the same time. (I knelt in front of the original monet...........



     finished drawing the three feel a taste of oil paints Interrupted serious copy a piece And to quote a painting class But believe me if enough consciousness completely don't need to waste the money It is better to buy some more paint The teacher just teach some introductory knowledge Such as which which brand of what what what is good Can surf the Internet to check myself Especially foreign teacher is more praise... So the class is going to spend three hours of each class in the painting and it's really hard to cover the paint because it's hard to cover and just one class a week and I've got a whole semester

  • From which Angle can oil painting paintings be appreciated?

    When an amateur goes to appreciate oil painting, from which Angle to admire.

    What are the aspects of knowledge, such as history, culture, composition, genre, and writing?

    Xie asked.

    I had a long answer to this one, and it's interesting to poke it right here.

    How to admire monet's painting?

    If you're not interested, here. Because it's popular, let's just say common sense. Is it ok to study the color palette of visual theory?

    To break the problem, since it is oil painting, only oil painting.

    Why do you say that? Because there is a mistake, it seems that western paintings are oil paintings, but they are not.

    For example, the birth of Venus by botticelli, is recognized by the earth.


    Why is this painting not a painting? Because it's an egg color. Notice that this painting is a late 15th century painting, and when it's drawn, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael can get soy sauce. Oil paintings were not fashionable at the time.

    What about this picture? Everyone on earth knows, Raphael "the school of Athens"? Well, it's not a painting. It's a wet fresco.


    That was the beginning of the sixteenth century. Oh, by the way, when Raphael drew this, Michelangelo was painting the Sistine ceiling.

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

    So, oil paintings are actually not so big in terms of time span, the most important period, almost Europe, from the 16th to the 19th century.

    What is this concept? It has been a long time since the exhibition of "spring map" was produced and the painting of dong jushan was painted in the early song dynasty.

    Okay, oil painting.

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

    Take a few words of waffle and make a point.

    Before the Renaissance, Europe could be divided into north and south. The south is dominated by Italy, with fiorentina, Rome and Venice, and bologna. These groups have basically asked for form, composition, ideal beauty and connotation. Usually for religious and rich people.
    Michael Cheval art for sale
    The northern school, mainly Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, is basically a color, lifelike, mirror image. In addition to drawing pictures for religion and rich people, the school also drew pictures for small citizens, so it was more grounded.

    In the middle, the French rise. From the cardinal richelieu to Louis xiv to Louis xvi, the rich, as long as the north and south, became a unique.

    Okay, let's get started.

    The grandfather of oil painting is fan Ike brothers. They're northern. Look at this, in the fifteenth century, and it's so beautiful. The reflection of the laminae of the clothes, the small animals all painted to be fluffy. It's all realistic. In this kind of painting, we mainly praise their realistic and detailed sketches. Let's call the Nordic mirror pie.


    But then, the southerners looked down on the northerners. Small family gas.

    Italy is beautiful and beautiful. Compose your composition. The lines are tender. It's not realistic. It doesn't matter. There are too many Italian schools, and the ferrara, the Romans, the Siena painters, are trivial, and only the main ones.

    Well, fiorentina, I think Raphael is best, and his paintings are ideal. We call it the Florentine ideal. Well, Raphael had been working in Rome, so he did the Roman school -- the oxen, and everybody pulled him in. The Roman school was more demure, and Rubens considered the beauty of architecture. I'll just take a look at that. The virgin Mary, for example, is dignified and stable, with the same structure as a pyramid. This is the beauty of structure and form.


    This one is a picture of god and form. The overall composition is handsome (notice everyone's shape), the individual form is round and beautiful. The wind of Florence.



    Peter Paul Rubens The Last Supper Painting Reproductions